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"Interactive learning experiences from seasoned professionals with both business sense and a sense of humor."

We are available to present on a wide range of topics including issues of employee manager relations, utilizing and ensuring diversity in the workplace, the evolving role of the social worker and EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) professional in the workplace, identifying and dealing with substance abuse in the workplace, and many others including custom designed trainings for any size workforce or HR team.

We specialize in helping Human Resources (HR) teams to leverage their partnerships with managers and EAP's to both retain and get the most out of the talent in their workforce. Millions of dollars and countless hours are lost in productivity through substance use issues and interpersonal conflicts - and managers are hesitant to utilize their skills to address these issues. By helping managers, HR professionals, and EAP's to clarify their respective roles and responsibilities and to learn to work together, we enable organizations to run efficiently and productively, maximizing the resources and talent they already possess.

We also provide courses for CASAC credit in New York - on site at your offices - custom designed to meet your employee's needs.

Dan Pitzer and John Crepsac have coordinated the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) NYC Chapter Addictions Institute for the past decade, bringing together the world's leading experts in addiction treatment and research. We apply this experience to organizing and delivering quality learning experiences to organizations everywhere. (See the Addictions Institute links below.)

All of the Breaking The Chain staff personnel are available for training sessions.

Examples of workshops given by Dan Pitzer:

     • "Engaging Managers in working with Difficult employees and Situations: Building a Partnership" Given at Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) International Conference October 2008, as well as Baruch College Human Resource Management Class, April 2009, NJ EAPA Chapter April 2009, and Connecticut EAPA Annual Conference June 2009 (.PDF, 100 KB). The workshop was rated in the top 7 out of 40 workshops as evaluated by participants at the October 2008 International EAPA Conference.

Listen to the October 2008 session (78 minutes) synchronized to a PowerPoint presentation (see the link in a new tab or window).

     • "Addictions in the Workplace and the Evolving Role of the Social Worker" to be presented at the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) New York City Chapter Addictions Institute in May 2009. Download the PowerPoint presentation (.PDF, 1.1 MB), or download the event brochure (.PDF, 1.5 MB), or see the NASW NYC web site (link opens in a new tab or window) for registration and more information.

Download articles by Dan Pitzer and John Crepsac (.PDF, 305 KB) about substance abuse and addiction, as published in September 2000 by the National Association of Social Workers.

     • "Engaging Managers in an Economic Downturn: EAP as a Resource" presented at the EAPA International Conference in Dallas, Texas, October 22, 2009. Download a .PDF version of Dan Pitzer's Powerpoint presentation (.PDF, 696 KB).


      • "I attended Dan Pitzer's engaging presentation at the EAPA 2008 World conference in Atlanta. I left energized and excited to implement many of his suggestions. He really gave me tools to expand my EAP practice as well as ways to engage Management and build partnerships. Management consultation has become the bedrock of the EAP program. This has allowed me to recreate the focus of the program to working closely with managers to develop programming to meet their needs and goals. The focus on management consulting has given birth to numerous training programs for supervisors and managers to meet the needs and goals of administration. Refocusing on the business aspects and needs of the hospital, like performance measures and employee satisfaction ratings opened up a whole new area of practice, increasing the importance and presence of the EAP. I highly recommend this training."

           Susan Henderson LCSW
           EAP Director VA New York Harbor Healthcare System

      • "Dan's presentation for my Human Resources class at Baruch College provided my students with relevant information on the role of employee assistance professionals within a major corporation. His clarity in presenting made it easy for students to understand the process of working with management to support employee performance."

           Leigh Henderson
           Managing Director, Leadership Training Room, LLC and Adjunct Faculty, Baruch College

      • "Dan provides an excellent mix of professionalism, humor and extensive experience as he guides the participants through their training journey. He is engaging, thought-provoking and flexible. Dan delivers a passionate message and draws from years of corporate, training and counseling knowledge. I will definitely take another program with him."

           Kevin O'Neill
           President, New Jersey Chapter - Employee Assistance Professional Association

Contact Dan Pitzer to discuss how the professionals at Breaking The Chain Counseling can help your organization maximize its existing talent and resources to become the most prosperous it can be.

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