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"Enhancing performance and achieving a balance with athletics, academics, and social relationships."

Dan Pitzer works with the National Football League (NFL) Program for Substances of Abuse, helping professional football players address the consequences of bad decisions and sometimes addictive behavior. Achieving a balance is a goal for these athletes whose careers are relatively short, often shorter than they planned. Obsessive focus on athletics might have gotten them to the professional level, but lack of focus on academics, relationships and other life issues threaten to leave them unprepared for life after football.

Dan Pitzer has also worked with countless families whose adolescent athletes have all the resources to nurture their talent in athletics, but whose lack of attention to academics and social development have threatened both their athletic and academic careers. Too much focus in one area leads to injuries, acting out behavior, and substance abuse, with the problem often only addressed after a legal incident.

At Breaking the Chain Counseling, through our experience with the NFL, as well as many families of adolescent athletes and our experience working inside the school system, we formulate a plan and act as a "quarterback" for the family, helping to set goals in all three areas and coordinating any needed services.

In preventative mode, we work with families to agree on goals for achievement in all three areas, and coordinate services with athletic coaches, treatment providers, schools, tutors and any other involved parties to ensure a well balanced, successful outcome.

In crisis intervention mode, we work with attorneys, schools, coaches and any other involved parties to prioritize needs, coordinate treatment if needed, and case manage the family through the crisis ensuring a carefully thought out intervention in the best interest of the adolescent.

A very small percentage of student athletes will need to be ready for a professional or even a college career, but 100% of student athletes need to be ready for life. At Breaking The Chain Counseling, we help student athletes achieve a balanced, healthy, happy life.

Please contact us to discuss how we can facilitate your family to achieve and maintain this balance.